Session formats

Paper presentations

Each presentation is 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes for questions and discussion.


Each workshop is 60 minutes and should actively involve the audience in activities, discussion and exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Poster presentations

Visual presentation of a specific topic, small-scale project, or of research work still in progress.

Posters will be on display for all delegates to read and should, therefore, be understandable without an explanation from the author. Poster authors should be available to answer questions and explain details relating to their poster content during an allocated poster session (provisionally scheduled for Tuesday 20th June).

Poster format: page size up to DIN A0, 841mmx1189mm (horizontal). Poster stands will be provided in the room of presentation. Presenters may also wish to provide handouts.


90-minute sessions, typically with 3-4 presentations totalling a maximum of 60 minutes followed by an open discussion of at least 30 minutes moderated by a chairperson. A symposium should have a coherent theme, but should address a topic from different angles, for example:

  • Comparison of approaches in different academic settings
  • Different aspects of a shared interest or group research project, which would benefit from discussion by a wider audience
  • Related research projects which take different approaches

Where possible, a group proposing a symposium should identify a chairperson/discussant.

Lightning talks

Talks which must strictly not exceed 5 minutes. These are intended to be informal, engaging and highly visual talks that may focus on practical suggestions or specific areas of interest. We strongly recommend the use of an ignite talk format, i.e. 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. Lightning talks will be held in the evening and in an informal setting close to a bar so that delegates can enjoy a drink while being entertained by the talks.

Please note: EATAW 2017 sessions will be chaired by either a member of the EATAW Board, the EATAW 2017 Organising Committee or a regular delegate. To chair a session as a delegate, please contact, indicating your topic of interest.